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A note

Dance is happening, classes are happening. Dancing at times like these is especially important because it is healing and brings us together. What I have seen these past several weeks however from the international community is alarming, because what I have seen is not very much at all. I refuse to disassociate myself or my […]

Performing Arts in a Pandemic

People who are drawn to the arts, regardless of our exterior or social media personas, tend to be gentle souls. Souls for whom the harsh realities of our world require an alternate form of expression other than the limited medium of language. Performance artists are drawn to the stage to tell our stories. The stage […]

7 Years in España

When I arrived in Spain 7 years ago, I was ready for a change. I had been living, working and dancing in the greater California Bay Area already for 11 years and in my heart I was longing for a new atmosphere and adventure. As someone who made it my business to study dance, languages […]


“An artists duty is to reflect the times”– Nina Simone The idea of WILD came to fruition over some careful self-contemplation. Many of us feel helpless in the chaos that surrounds our daily lives and it is no secret that these are truly perilous times. I have long wondered how I, as an artist, might be able […]


When I started university at the age 18, I began with a major in Environmental Studies. Like most young liberals on the West Coast USA, my mission was to save the world. Little did I know that Operation Save the World came with a heavy dose of math, chemistry and other science intensive studies. Although […]

Rak the Casbah

I am experiencing an overwhelming sense of gratitude as I prepare for Rak the Casbah this Friday night in Madrid. This is only the second event I’ve produced on my own since arriving in Spain, the first being Raks Arabi Cabaret last November that featured my dance company Raks Arabi from California and included a variety of dancers […]

4 Years in Spain

April 1st marks my 4 year anniversary of living in Spain! I will preface this entry by saying that this is not the first time I?ve spent an extended amount of time?abroad. I?ve had a series of episodes or traveling, studying and teaching overseas mostly throughout Asia, but this ?trip? has been nothing like the […]