4 Years in Spain

April 1st marks my 4 year anniversary of living in Spain!

I will preface this entry by saying that this is not the first time I?ve spent an extended amount of time?abroad. I?ve had a series of episodes or traveling, studying and teaching overseas mostly throughout Asia, but this ?trip? has been nothing like the others. It was a trip that was not initiated out of curiosity of another culture or language or wanting to help others. It was initiated by the spark of something else entirely. ?The one thing that can make even the most sensible and rational person abandon all sense whatsoever ? it was ignited by love.

4 Years ago I embarked on a journey from the Golden Coast across the Atlantic, taking a leap of faith to create a new life in Spain.

We all know the brilliant quote??you are that which you are searching for.? In theory we all know it and it makes sense to us somewhere deep inside. But do we really understand it? ?This never meant so much to me before as it means to me today.?The spark of love that initially ignited my move has given birth to a blazing fire altogether different from the one I had been anticipating.

I?m not going to go Deepak Chopra here and start talking about the importance of self-love, but really I?ve come to know and appreciate my self in an entirely new way due to the trials and tribulations I?ve experienced alone living in a foreign country.

Through spreading the joy and love of my craft and coming into contact with so many amazing and talented people,?I can say that my life has been extremely fulfilling here. While it is true that ?wherever you go, there you are,? sometimes we need to shake up the external environment to refurbish?the internal environment. ?For me personally, living abroad in Europe has come to be an experience?of immense self-growth and expansion. I feel that I have evolved in a way personally and artistically that I may not have been able to had I stayed within the comfort of my external environment.

I am grateful.

Grateful to be alive and to have been given this unique opportunity to share the knowledge and gifts that I have, and to be able to learn with and from so many others.

I am grateful for everyone who has touched my life along the way and has offered me love and support and to those who have given me the opportunity to reciprocate that love and support.

To all who have been a part of my journey –

dancers, students, friends, family, international dance community, supporters, random encounters and most recently a special person who has made my life exceptionally sweeter?

I thank you for making my life awesome.

Ole Ole Ole!